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Multifunction Process Calibrator
Portable Field Thermal Calibration Instrument
Multifunctional process calibrator is a portable on-site calibrator powered by a high-capacity high-performance polymer rechargeable battery. It can be connected to an external pressure module. It is easy to operate, powerful in function, stable in performance and high in accuracy. It is a very cost-effective thermal Industrial comprehensive calibration equipment.
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Product Profile
DTEL-15 multifunctional calibrator supports simultaneous output and measurement of V, mV, mA, Ω, Hz and other standard signals, as well as accurate simulation and measurement of various TC and various RTD temperature signals, large backlit LCD screen, easy to operate Simple, full-featured, convenient for the detection and calibration of all on-site thermal signals; the highest precision level of electrical signals is 0.01, and the highest seven-digit display is a comprehensive thermal calibration instrument with very high cost performance.

Multifunction Process Calibrator: Guide

DTEL-15G Precision multifunction process calibrator is a portable field calibrator powered by a large-capacity high-performance polymer rechargeable battery. It can be connected to an external pressure module. It is easy to operate, powerful, stable, and highly accurate. It is very cost-effective. High thermal comprehensive calibration instrument.
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Multifunction Process Calibrator Features:
★. Simultaneous output and measurement of various standard signals such as V, mV, mA, Ω, Hz, and accurate simulation and measurement of various thermocouple (TC) and various thermal resistance (RTD) temperature signals;
★. The host has a built-in pH (acidity) meter verification function;
★. The RTD measurement has a custom PRT function. The input platinum resistance corresponding to R0, A, B, C and other parameters can be used as a high-precision thermometer;
★. It can verify various secondary instruments such as temperature instruments, transmitters, recorders, etc., and has the function of analog transmitters;
★. 4 ~ 20mA output and measurement can directly carry out 24V power distribution, and can provide 24VDC independent power supply mode;
★. When verifying that the transmitter measures its loop signal, it can visually display the current parameters and corresponding temperature or pressure parameters without conversion;
★. Large-screen backlit LCD screen, English / Chinese operation menu, complete functions, convenient for the detection and calibration of all on-site thermal signals;
★. The high-precision grade of the electrical signal is 0.01, and the accuracy of factory control is ± 0.005% FS;
★. Good stability, the internal temperature system of the instrument is automatically corrected, and the lower limit temperature coefficient is ± 0.0003% FS / ℃;
★. Highest seven digits display, high resolution of output and measurement (mV resolution: 1μV, Ω resolution: 1mΩ);
★. Compact size, easy to carry, use anti-shock and anti-fall silicone shell to avoid accidental damage;
★. Fully enclosed thin-film touch button, a long service life of 500,000-1 million times;
★. Support two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire output and measurement of Ω (thermal resistance) signals;
★. All signals can be automatically stepped and ramped, and any step (ramp) point and step (ramp) time can be set;
★. Real-time recording of on-site detection data can be achieved to realize a paperless recording function;
★. External high-precision cold junction compensation probe can perform manual or automatic cold junction temperature compensation and setting;
★. Adopt large-capacity high-performance polymer rechargeable batteries, with a continuous working time of more than 10 hours;
★. Standard gold-plated test leads, less contact potential and contact resistance, to ensure high-precision calibration;
★. Five-year warranty of the host, free lifetime accuracy correction, and lifetime service guarantee;
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