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Partnership Program
Dearto - Your Reliable Partner
Dearto (Taian Dearto Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., ) recruits partners from all over the world, adheres to mutual benefit and win-win, expands practical cooperation, cooperates, supports and trusts each other, and achieves common development. We sincerely look forward to your joining!
Become Our Partner
Requirements for Employees
Dearto's measurement and calibration is supported and based on experienced and accomplished measurement engineers. Our products are designed by R&D engineers, strict manufacturing processes and processes, and are durable and reliable. And it is technically supported by advanced measurement theory to achieve product integrity.
Quality Requirements
Dearto's measurements and calibrations are supported and based on experienced and accomplished measurement engineers. And with advanced measurement theory as technical support, the integrity of the product is realized.
Advantages of partners
Brand advantage: Dearto is one of the largest and fastest growing temperature and humidity measurement and calibration companies in China.
Price: As a global partner of Dearto, you will get the most favorable and reasonable price from the company, and you will get price protection and other related policies from the company in the local area where you operate.
Irst-class management team and support: perfect software control system, well-trained management team, and comprehensive management assessment system.
Comprehensive training courses: comprehensive product management training, continuous management training and product use training.
Unified procurement: large-scale unified procurement, powerful transportation and distribution system.
Product development: Professional new product research and development team, strict safety management system.
After-sales service: Dearto will track products for a long time, maintain them for life, and pay attention to user information feedback; support technical service response within 6 hours, and after-sales service personnel provide 7*24 online services.
Healthy cooperation system: perfect cooperation policies and procedures, good relationship with partners, and professional cooperation management team.
Dearto is sincerely looking for global partners to promote the internationalization of Dearto brand together!
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