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Automatic Calibration System
Powerful software and hardware platform, providing convenience for calibration
Dearto's automatic calibration system series is an automatic calibration equipment integrating computer technology, electronic technology, and automatic testing technology. After more than 10 years of market testing, it ranks at the forefront of the industry in terms of software and hardware level, product quality, and after-sales service. The field of temperature metrology has long played an important role.
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Product Profile
DTZ thermocouple and thermal resistance automatic verification system integrates software, hardware and services with independent intellectual property rights,It realizes the complete automation of temperature control, data acquisition, data processing, report generation, data storage and report printing in the process of temperature verification/calibration, and provides customers with a full range of technical services.

RTD and Thermocouple Automatic Calibration System Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTZ-01G DTZ-02G DTZ-NTCG DTS-01SG
Number of Calibration furnaces 1 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 1 1
Standard Thermocouple Calibration    
Working Thermocouple Calibration    
Industrial thermal resistance Calibration    
Integrated temperature transmitter Calibration    
Thermistor Calibration      
Precious metal thermocouple wire calibration      

RTD and Thermocouple Automatic Calibration System: Guide

DTZ series intelligent RTD and thermocouple automatic calibration system is suitable for verification/calibration of primary and secondary temperature instruments. The system is controlled by a computer with multi-channel low potential scanners, digital multimeters, thermocouple verification furnaces, constant temperature baths, etc. It can realize the automation of temperature control, data acquisition, data processing, report generation, data storage and printing in the verification/calibration process of temperature instruments.
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DTZ series intelligent RTD and thermocouple automatic calibration system has a powerful modular data management function, with data acquisition, data analysis and processing, report management, data query, equipment self-inspection and other functions. After the verification is completed, all the original data , The verification certificate can be automatically stored in the database, and the user can query and print the original records and reports according to the conditional query function, and has its own memory function, which can directly call the inspected information at the next verification time. System data can be backed up in two ways, manual backup and automatic backup, to facilitate measurement and traceability.
The DTZ series thermal instrument automatic verification system can automatically control the temperature of the calibration furnace, automatically collect test data, perform data processing according to the calculation method specified in the verification regulations, print verification records and certificate data, and save historical records. Automatically complete the continuous verification of the temperature points of the verification furnace without manual intervention.
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