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High Precision Thermostatic Chamber
Intelligent Temperature Humidity Standard Calibration Device
DTWL high-precision temperature chamber is a constant temperature source with air as the heat transfer medium, which effectively solves the problem that the temperature measuring instrument cannot contact the liquid constant temperature source, and provides a complete solution for the calibration of the temperature measuring instrument.
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Product Profile
DTWL series high-precision temperature chamber can provide a constant temperature environment within the range of -30~80°C for temperature measuring instruments. High temperature control accuracy, good temperature field uniformity, integration of measurement technology and Internet of Things technology, support for WiFi remote control, making measurement easier.

High Precision Thermostatic Chamber: Guide

The high precision thermostatic chamber is a specially designed constant temperature room with air as the heat transfer medium. It has the technical characteristics of high temperature control precision, good uniformity of temperature field and small fluctuation. There are many temperature measuring instruments that cannot come into contact with a liquid constant temperature source and are not suitable for calibration in a constant temperature bath. The emergence of high-precision constant temperature box solves the calibration problem of such instruments, fills the gap of constant temperature source, and provides a complete solution.
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