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Field Temperature Calibrator
Sealed Structure Convenient for Field Temperature Calibration
This series of products is easy to carry, suitable for on-site detection, with intelligent and fast heating and cooling speed, short stabilization time, and can meet the multi-cycle difference detection. Intelligent human-computer interaction interface, convenient operation, high temperature control accuracy, real-time display of temperature curve, uniformity, fluctuation and other detection information.
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Product Profile
Dearto field calibrator is suitable for field verification/calibration of temperature sensors such as various industrial RTD, low-temperature TC, armored TC, and various thermometers. It can meet the accuracy and stability required for field calibration. The user's needs are fully considered in the design, and in the case of lightness, portability and speed, it also ensures the stability, consistency and precision similar to the same type of laboratory equipment.

Ultra-Portable Intelligent Calibration Bath

Product numbe DTS-300BG DTS-10BG DTS-20BG DTS-30BG DTS-40BG DTS-95BG DTS-125BG
Temperature range (°C) 60~300 -10~150 -20~150 -30~150 -40~150 -40~95 -40~125
-10~180 -20~180 -30~180 -40~180
Work area size(mm) Φ80×280 / Φ100×280(The opening diameter supports customization)
Dimensions (mm) 425×220×370 430×225×500
Working medium silicone oil special medium(L40N-180)

Dry Block Calibrator Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTG-140G DTG-150G DTG-660G DTG-1000G DTG-1200G ETC-150G ETC-400G
Temperature range (°C) -20~140 -35~150 50~660 300~1000 300~1200 -10~150 50~400
Dimensions (mm) 330×170×320 285×170×335 230×180×125 220×160×
Soaking block aperture φ4.5、φ6.5、φ8、φ10 φ6.5、φ12 φ4、φ6、φ7 φ4.5、φ6.5、φ8、φ10
Fluctuation (°C) ±0.15 ±0.2 ±0.1
Resolution (°C) 0.01 0.1 0.1

Intelligent Multichannel Thermometer Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTMC-1G DTMC-2G DTMC-4G DTMC-6G DTMC-8G
Channels 1 2 4 6 8
Sampling rate(Hz) 1~10
Thermocouple channel -100~100mV()
RTD channel 0~4KΩ
Thermistor channel 0~100KΩ
Thermocouple type K / J / T / E / N / B / R / S
Platinum resistance type Pt25 / Pt100
Thermistor R25 10KΩ


"Stik" Precision Digital Thermometer Readout

Product numbe DTSW-01-AG DTSW-01-BG DTSW-02-AG DTSW-02-BG DTSW-LCG
Temperature range (°C) -80~160 -80~300 -80~160 -80~300 -30~150
Accuracy (°C) 0.05 0.1 0.05
Sensor length (mm) 300 / 500(19.68 in) 1000~1500
Sensor material 316 stainless steel (medical, food grade) cord
Sampling frequency (s) 0.5 / 1 / 2(support custom configuration)
Thermal response time constant (s) 30
Host size (mm) 106×48×37




Intelligent high temperature fast drop;
Curves are displayed in real time;
Multi-point calibration;
Press-type sealing structure.

Various Field Temperature Calibrator produced by Dearto, such as: dry body calibrator, portable calibration bath, Precision Digital Thermometer, Intelligent Multichannel Calibrator, etc., are welcomed by North America, European Union, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. As a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Temperature, Humidity and Field Measuring Instruments, we supply products that comply with international quality standards, to ensure total customer satisfaction, Dearto offers FOB, DES freight options and can be delivered within 11 - 15 working days Order. We accept minimum 1 piece online order, and the order is shipped from Qingdao, Tianjin or other ports in China. In order to maintain the flexibility of payment, Dearto accepts different currencies, including CNY,USD,EUR,JPY,AUD, which can be paid by T/T, D/P, etc.
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The calibration bath can provide a constant temperature environment for the verification or calibration of various sensors, but the traditional calibration bath is inconvenient to carry and has low integration, which can no longer meet the on-site automatic verification or calibration of some measuring instruments. In response to this problem, Dearto designed a high-precision portable calibration bath that integrates multi-functional electrical measurement and temperature control modules, which can realize on-site automatic verification or calibration.
We adopt the side stirring technology design in the portable calibration bath, which ensures the high quality of the temperature field, and increases the effective working depth of the constant temperature working area to 80*280mm, which overcomes the impact on the measurement results caused by the insufficient insertion depth of the measured measuring instruments. influences. The experimental results show that the temperature range of the portable calibration bath can reach as low as -40°C and as high as 300°C, the maximum horizontal temperature difference is better than 0.005°C, the uniformity is better than 0.01°C, and the fluctuation is better than 0.02°C/10 min.
The ultra-portable intelligent constant temperature bath adopts a touch screen operation interface, and various specifications and sizes of openings can be customized according to customer requirements. It is a high-precision, self-controlled temperature verification device. The bath body is compact in structure, light in weight, easy to carry and durable. It has the characteristics of good stability, uniform temperature field, and accurate temperature control accuracy. It adopts fully enclosed compressor refrigeration system and intelligent PID adjustment to realize automatic temperature control.
1. Add the medium of the portable calibration oil bath and the portable calibration refrigeration bath to 2cm from the upper end surface. (The oil bath medium is silicone oil, and the refrigeration bath medium is a special medium (L40N-180).
Note: It is strictly forbidden to start the machine when the medium is lower than 2cm from the upper surface; it is forbidden to start the compressor for refrigeration when the temperature of the refrigeration tank is 40°C or higher.
2. Plug in the power, turn on the "power" switch, and turn on the "cycle" switch.
3. The operation of the instrument is as follows:
(1) Shift key▲addition▼subtraction SET setting function key
(2) Temperature setting:
If the working temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, press the setting function key to enter the temperature setting value setting state. The last digit of the set value is flashing. At this time, press the shift key first and then press the adder to set the working temperature you need, then press the set function key to save the set value. At this time, the measurement shows the liquid in the current bath The temperature of the medium, and then the microcomputer enters the automatic control state.
(3) If the working temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, turn on the "cooling" switch, and press the setting function key to enter the temperature setting value setting state. The last digit of the set value is flashing. At this time, first press the shift key and then press the minus number to set the working temperature you need, and then press the set function key to save the set value. At this time, the measurement shows the liquid in the current bath The temperature of the medium, and then the microcomputer enters the automatic control state.
(4) Description of other parameters:
SC means measurement correction T: means time proportional cycle P: means time proportional band.
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