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Surface Sensor Calibrator
Wide Range, High Accuracy Professional Calibration Equipment
Dearto surface sensor calibration system is a high-efficiency professional calibration equipment. After years of market feedback, it adopts a number of innovative technologies, and its product performance is ahead of similar products. The temperature of this product can reach up to: 600℃, the effective working area is up to 130mm, the display is intuitive, and the operation is convenient. It has been widely used in various metrology institutes, scientific research institutions and other industries.
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Product Profile
DTZ-400 Surface Temperature Calibration System is mainly used to calibrate L-type sensors and surface sensors of various sizes and types, such as thermistors, film sensors, surface resistance thermometers, strip sensors, surface thermocouples, etc. The product is composed of a controller and a heater. It is easy to operate and intuitive to display. Simply set the temperature to start heating. The temperature rises quickly and the multi-stage PID temperature control is accurate. The effective use diameter is 130mm, and it has a communication interface, which can choose to communicate with the computer.

Surface Sensor Calibrator System Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTZ-400BCG DTZ-450BG DTZ-460BG
Temperature range (°C) 35~400 50~500 50~600
Calibration plane diameter 130mm
Stability ±0.2℃/10min@ room temperature≤ t ≤100℃  ±0.3℃/10min@100℃< t ≤ 300℃
±0.4℃/10min@300℃< t ≤ 400℃  ±0.6℃/10min@400℃< t ≤ 500℃
Uniformity 0.3℃ atroom temperature≤ t ≤ 100℃  0.7℃ at 100℃< t ≤ 300℃
1.2℃ at 300℃< t ≤ 400℃  1.8℃ at 400℃< t ≤ 500℃
Furnace size (mm) 280(L)X270(W)X190(H)
Controller size (mm) 218(L)X175(W)X145(H)

Wide measuring range: 35℃~400℃/50℃~500℃/50℃~600℃
Large calibration plane: 130mm
Segmented temperature PID control
Curves are displayed in real time

The surface sensor calibrator, also known as the surface probe calibrator, is a portable heat source. The surface sensor calibrator consists of a controller and a heater. Usually we have a very difficult time calibrating surface probes because it is difficult to find a very flat, stable heat source. The surface probe calibrator completely solves the difficult problem. You only need to compare temperature sensors such as thermistor, thin film sensor, surface thermocouple, etc. on the heater of the surface sensor calibrator to calibrate.
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The temperature range of the DTZ series surface probe calibrator can be from 35°C to 600°C. It adopts multi-stage PID temperature control, and the calibration diameter can reach 130mm. directly to the computer.
We have several types of surface probe calibrators here, which can be upgraded to thermal camera calibrators with minor modifications if required. You can also contact us if your sensor or a new replacement sensor requires calibration.
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