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Dry Block Calibrator
Accurate temperature control, Professional measurement and calibration constant temperature source
Dearto dry block calibrator, with accurate temperature control and simple operation, is suitable for temperature measurement/ Calibrate equipment. At the same time, our company can provide customers with non-standard customized services.
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Product Profile
Dry block calibrator is divided into 5 categories: low temperature dry body furnace, medium and high temperature dry body furnace, micro dry well furnace, thermocouple calibration furnace, zero temperature thermostat and so on. This series of products have uniform and stable temperature field, high temperature control precision, temperature field, stability and other technologies are at the advanced level, and are suitable for all kinds of standard thermocouples, working thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, temperature transmitters and other temperature sensors. Professional metrology/calibration.

Thermocouple Calibration Furnace Product Selection Table

Product number DTL-600BG DTL-600G DTL-300G DTL-TG DTL-HG
Temperature range(℃) 300~1200 300~1200 300~1200 300~1200 800~1600
Furnace size(mm) Φ40×600 Φ40×600 Φ40×300 Φ40×1000 Φ30×600
Standard Thermocouple Calibration      
Noble metal thermocouple calibration      
Base Metal Thermocouple Calibration        
Short thermocouple
Type B Thermocouple Calibration        
Customized series
Product number DTL-600EG DTL-600TG DTL-150G DTL-IIIG
Temperature range(℃) 300~1300 300~1200 300~1200 300~1200
Furnace size(mm) Φ40×600 Φ60×600 Φ40×150 Φ40×1000
Standard Thermocouple Calibration      
Noble metal thermocouple calibration  
Base Metal Thermocouple Calibration  
Short thermocouple

Dry Block Calibrator Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTG-140G DTG-150G DTG-660G DTG-1000G DTG-1200G ETC-150G ETC-400G
Temperature range (°C) -20~140 -35~150 50~660 300~1000 300~1200 -10~150 50~400
Dimensions (mm) 330×170×320 285×170×335 230×180×125 220×160×
Soaking block aperture φ4.5、φ6.5、φ8、φ10 φ6.5、φ12 φ4、φ6、φ7 φ4.5、φ6.5、φ8、φ10
Fluctuation (°C) ±0.15 ±0.2 ±0.1
Resolution (°C) 0.01 0.1 0.1




Rapid calibration;
Multipoint correction;
Communication function supports data transmission;
Soaking block customization service.

Dry block calibrator (Dry temperature calibrator), also known as dry block furnace, its basic working heating principle is very simple, by heating or cooling a metal block to make the furnace of the dry block calibrator reach the set temperature, and Keep the temperature of its temperature field uniform and stable. The heated or cooled metal constant temperature fast acts as a medium to provide an adjustable and controllable uniform and stable reference temperature field for the measured sensor to calibrate the measured thermocouple, thermal resistance and other temperature equipment. It is often used in industrial sites or laboratories to calibrate various temperature sensors, and is popular because of its portability and fast and stable temperature rise.
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Dearto's dry block calibrator voltage supports two modes of 110V/220V.
1. First adjust the mode according to your own needs, and then set the temperature point required for calibration on the touch screen after turning on the power;
2. After the screen prompts that the temperature is stable, slowly put the sensor to be tested into the uniform temperature block above the dry block furnace. The size of the uniform temperature block can be customized according to the needs.
3. Transfer the data to the PC and save the data automatically.
The above are the steps for actually using the dry block calibrator. During use, you can adjust the temperature, menu mode, and display content of the dry block furnace according to the instructions. The operation is very simple, and the calibration status is displayed in real time.
The dry block calibrator has stable temperature control in terms of temperature control stability, horizontal temperature field, vertical temperature field and other technical aspects. It can also be used in conjunction with other calibration equipment and software to complete automatic verification.
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