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Liquid Calibration Baths
Efficient Intelligent Temperature Field Constant Temperature Equipment
Liquid calibration baths are used to calibrate temperature sensors by providing precise and stable temperature conditions. They ensure the accuracy of measurement devices in various industries. Liquid calibration baths produced by Dearto have the following advantages:
● High Stability: Intelligent PID control, with excellent temperature field stability and uniformity
● Accurate: High resolution display instrument, resolution 0.001℃
● Customizable: Special index products can be customized according to requirements.
● Automatic Calibration: Support multi-point automatic calibration and correction.
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Product Profile
DTS calibration bath series has excellent temperature stability and uniformity, stable performance. It is an ideal temperature field constant temperature equipment for temperature sensors. Among them, the intelligent calibration bath is a new generation product launched by Dearto. It adopts intelligent touch screen control, has the function of temperature rise (fall) rate control, supports active smoke exhaust system, greatly improves the temperature control accuracy and resolution, and is easy to complete. verification and calibration of RTD, low temperature TC and other equipment.

Liquid Calibration Bath Series Product Selection Table

Product number DTS-CT300G DTS-CT95G DTS-CT01G DTS-CT10G
Temperature range (°C) 70~300 RT+10~95 0~100 -10~100
Fluctuation (℃/10min) ±0.007 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01
Uniformity(℃)) ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Working medium silicone oil soft water, antifreeze antifreeze
Volume(L) 23 18.5 18.5 18.5
Work area size(mm) Φ150×480 Φ130×480
Dimensions(mm) 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H)
Intelligent Low Temperature Calibration Bath
Product number DTS-CT30G DTS-CT40G DTS-CT60G DTS-CT80G
Temperature range (°C) -30~100 -40~100 -60~100 -80~100
Fluctuation (℃/10min) ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01
Uniformity(℃)) ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Working medium antifreeze Absolute ethanol
Volume(L) 18.5 18.5
Work area size(mm) Φ130×480 Φ130×480
Dimensions(mm) 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H) 700(L)×590(W)×1120(H)

Precision Calibration Bath

Product number DTS-300G DTS-95G DTS-01G DTS-10G
Temperature range (°C) 70~300 RT+10~95 0~100 -10~100
Fluctuation (℃/10min) ±0.007 ±0.01 ±0.01
Uniformity(℃)) ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Working medium silicone oil soft water, antifreeze antifreeze
Volume(L) 23 18.5 18.5
Work area size(mm) Φ150×480 Φ130×480
Dimensions(mm) 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H)
Precision Low Temperature Calibration Bath
Product number DTS-30G DTS-40G DTS-60G DTS-80G
Temperature range (°C) -30~100 -40~100 -60~100 -80~100
Fluctuation (℃/10min) ±0.01 ±0.01
Uniformity(℃)) ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Working medium antifreeze Absolute ethanol
Volume(L) 18.5 18.5
Work area size(mm) Φ130×480 Φ130×480
Dimensions(mm) 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H) 700(L)×590(W)×1120(H)

High and Low Temperature Calibration Bath

Product number DTS-CT150G DTS-CT180G DTS-T150G DTS-T180G DTS-T300G
Way to control Intelligent Screen Control Precision Instrument Control Cycle rapid cooling
Temperature range (°C) -20~150 -20~180 -20~150 -20~180 70~300
-30~150 -30~180 -30~150 -30~180
Volume(L) 18 18 23
Work area size(mm) Φ130×480 Φ150×480

Triple Point of Water Maintenance Bath

Product numbe DTF-CT01SG DTF-CT30SG DTF-01SG DTF-30SG DTF-01G
Temperature range (°C) -10~105 -30~105 -10~105 -30~105 -10~105
Way to control Intelligent Screen Control Precision Instrument Control Regular Control
Product type One bath for three purposes (water triple point freezer, water triple point saver, refrigeration calibration bath) Standard type
Fluctuation (℃/30min) ±0.005
Uniformity(℃)) ≤0.01
Working medium antifreeze
Frozen quantity (branches) 1~3
Dimensions (mm) 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H)

High Temperature Precision Salt Bath

Product numbe DTW-560BG DTW-560G DTW-670G
Temperature range (°C) 180~560 180~560 450~670
Work area size(mm) Φ80×200 Φ140×400
Power (KW) 1 2.5
Fluctuation (℃/10min) ±0.01
Horizontal uniformity (°C) ≤0.01
Vertical uniformity (°C) ≤0.02

Ultra-low Temperature Precision Calibration Bath

Product numbe DTS-100CHG DTS-160CHG DTS-180CHG DTS-60CH-BG DTS-100CH-BG
Temperature range (°C) -100~95 -160~-40 -180~-40 -60~95 -100~95
Work area size(mm) Φ130×480 6个,Φ12×280 Φ100×300
Dimensions (mm) 800×600×1000 500×620×600 320×480×530 420×510×700
Fluctuation (℃/30min) ±0.01 ±0.03 ±0.01
Uniformity (°C) ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.01

Super Large Diameter Precision Calibration Bath

Product numbe DTS-300-T500G DTS-10-T500G DTS-30-T500G DTS-80-T500G
Temperature range (°C) 70~300 -10~95 -30~95 -80~95
Work area size(mm) Φ300×480 / Φ500×480 (support special customization)
Fluctuation (℃/30min) ±0.01
Uniformity (°C) ≤0.01
Volume(L) 120

Ultra-Portable Intelligent Calibration Bath

Product numbe DTS-300BG DTS-10BG DTS-20BG DTS-30BG DTS-40BG DTS-95BG DTS-125BG
Temperature range (°C) 60~300 -10~150 -20~150 -30~150 -40~150 -40~95 -40~125
-10~180 -20~180 -30~180 -40~180
Work area size(mm) Φ80×280 / Φ100×280(The opening diameter supports customization)
Dimensions (mm) 425×220×370 430×225×500
Working medium silicone oil special medium(L40N-180)




Liquid Calibration Bath: Guide

The calibration bath is a kind of equipment used for laboratory verification and calibration. Generally, the liquid is used as the heat transfer medium. Through the action of the temperature control system and the stirring or jet device, the set temperature or the set temperature change rate is reached, and its internal temperature is maintained. The temperature in the working area is uniform and stable. The liquid calibration bath is mainly suitable for biopharmaceutical, petrochemical, aerospace, food and other industries. It is mainly used as constant temperature equipment for verification and calibration of various temperature probes and temperature sensors.

In this guide, you will learn all about.
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1: What is a Liquid Calibration Bath?

A Liquid Calibration Bath is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industries and laboratories to calibrate and verify the accuracy of temperature sensors, probes, and thermometers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring precise and reliable temperature measurements, which are essential for numerous applications, ranging from research and development to quality control in manufacturing processes.


2: How Liquid Calibration Baths Work?

Liquid Calibration Baths are sophisticated pieces of equipment designed to provide accurate and precise temperature calibrations for a wide range of temperature-sensitive instruments. Understanding how these baths work is essential to appreciate their significance in various industries and laboratories.

1. Creating a Controlled Environment

The first step in how Liquid Calibration Baths work involves creating a precisely controlled temperature environment. The bath's chamber is carefully insulated to prevent heat loss or gain from external factors. The design ensures that the temperature inside the bath remains stable and uniform, a critical factor in achieving accurate calibrations.

2. Selecting the Calibration Liquid

The next crucial element is the choice of calibration liquid. The liquid used in the bath should have excellent thermal stability and a high specific heat capacity to maintain a consistent temperature. Common calibration liquids include silicone-based oils and mineral oils, each with its unique properties suitable for different temperature ranges.

3. Immersing the Instrument

Once the bath reaches the desired temperature, the temperature-sensitive instrument, such as a thermometer or sensor, is carefully immersed in the calibration liquid. The immersion should be deep enough to cover the sensing element of the instrument, ensuring accurate temperature readings.

4. Comparison with Reference Temperature

With the instrument immersed in the calibration liquid, its temperature reading is compared to a reference temperature known with high accuracy. The reference temperature can be obtained using calibrated standard instruments or traceable temperature references. Any discrepancies between the instrument's reading and the reference temperature indicate potential inaccuracies in the instrument.

5. Adjustment and Calibration

If the instrument under calibration shows deviations from the reference temperature, adjustments are made to bring it into alignment. Calibration technicians can adjust the instrument or apply correction factors to ensure its readings are accurate.

6. Temperature Range Considerations

Liquid Calibration Baths are available in various models, each designed to accommodate specific temperature ranges. The choice of the appropriate bath depends on the instruments' temperature range that requires calibration. For extreme temperature calibrations, specialized baths with cooling or heating capabilities are used.


3: Advantages of Using Liquid Calibration Baths

Liquid Calibration Baths offer a host of advantages that make them indispensable tools for calibrating temperature-sensitive instruments. From their high accuracy to versatility, these baths have become essential equipment in various industries and laboratories. Let's explore the key advantages of using Liquid Calibration Baths:

1. High Accuracy and Precision:

One of the most significant advantages of using Liquid Calibration Baths is their ability to provide high accuracy and precision in temperature calibrations. The controlled and uniform temperature environment within the bath, coupled with the stability of the calibration liquid, ensures that temperature-sensitive instruments receive precise and reliable calibration. This accuracy is crucial in industries where even minor temperature discrepancies can have significant consequences on product quality, research outcomes, and compliance with regulations.

2. Versatility and Wide Applicability:

Liquid Calibration Baths are incredibly versatile and can accommodate a diverse range of temperature-sensitive instruments. Whether it's simple thermocouples, RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), thermistors, or sophisticated thermal imaging devices, these baths can calibrate them with ease. This wide applicability makes Liquid Calibration Baths suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, and more.

3. Time Efficiency and Productivity:

Using Liquid Calibration Baths for temperature calibration offers significant time efficiency advantages. Calibration technicians can quickly and accurately calibrate multiple instruments in a single bath, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The efficient calibration process ensures that instruments are back in operation promptly, minimizing disruptions to critical processes and workflows.

4. Customizability for Specific Needs:

Reputable manufacturers often offer custom Liquid Calibration Bath solutions, allowing users to tailor the baths to their specific calibration requirements. Customization options may include temperature range adjustments, chamber sizes, and additional features. This level of customizability ensures that the bath precisely meets the user's needs, optimizing calibration processes and providing the best possible results.

5. Reduced Risk of Errors:

Accurate temperature measurements are essential for critical applications, such as research experiments, clinical diagnoses, and manufacturing processes. By using Liquid Calibration Baths, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of errors caused by temperature deviations. Minimizing errors leads to more reliable data and increased confidence in the results.


4: Types of Liquid Calibration Baths

Liquid Calibration Baths come in various types, each designed to cater to specific temperature ranges and calibration needs. Let's explore the different types of Liquid Calibration Baths:

➲ Oil Baths

Oil Baths are a popular type of Liquid Calibration Bath that uses specialized calibration oils as the immersion medium. These baths are known for their wide temperature range capabilities and excellent thermal stability. They are commonly used for calibrating instruments that operate at higher temperatures, making them ideal for applications in industries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Oil Baths provide precise and consistent temperature control, ensuring accurate calibrations for a variety of temperature-sensitive instruments.

➲ Water Baths

Water Baths are another common type of Liquid Calibration Bath widely used in laboratories and industries. These baths utilize water as the calibration medium and are effective for calibrating instruments that operate at lower to moderate temperatures. Water Baths are often preferred for their ease of use and cost-effectiveness. They find applications in industries like medical, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories, where calibrating instruments within a specific temperature range is necessary.

➲ Dry Block Baths

Dry Block Baths are unique in that they use solid metal blocks instead of liquid as the calibration medium. These baths are excellent for calibrating smaller, handheld instruments like thermocouples and temperature probes. The metal blocks in Dry Block Baths rapidly reach the desired temperature and provide stable calibration conditions. They are highly portable and find extensive use in field calibrations or in situations where a liquid medium is not feasible.

➲ Salt Baths

Salt Baths, also known as molten salt baths, utilize a mixture of salts as the calibration medium. These baths are capable of reaching extremely high temperatures, making them suitable for calibrating instruments used in extreme environments, such as those in the metallurgical or aerospace industries. Salt Baths offer excellent thermal stability and uniformity, ensuring precise calibrations for high-temperature instruments.

➲ Metal Baths

Metal Baths use a bath of molten metal as the calibration medium. These baths are designed to provide extremely high-temperature calibrations and are used in applications such as calibrating thermocouples for industrial processes and testing heat-resistant materials. Metal Baths offer exceptional temperature stability, making them indispensable in industries where accuracy at extreme temperatures is vital.


5: Calibration Procedure Using a Liquid Calibration Bath

Calibrating temperature-sensitive instruments using a Liquid Calibration Bath is a precise and systematic process that ensures accurate and reliable measurements. Let's walk through the step-by-step calibration procedure using a Liquid Calibration Bath:

5.1 Preparing the Bath

Before starting the calibration process, it is essential to Prepare the Bath for operation. Ensure the bath is clean and free from any debris or contamination. Fill the bath with the appropriate calibration liquid, which is typically a high-quality silicone-based or mineral oil-based fluid known for its excellent thermal stability. Check the calibration liquid level to ensure it is sufficient to immerse the temperature sensor completely.

5.2 Setting the Temperature

Once the bath is prepared, Set the Temperature to the desired calibration point. Use the bath's temperature control system to set the temperature accurately. For high-precision baths, it is advisable to allow the bath some time to stabilize at the desired temperature before proceeding further. The stability of the bath's temperature is critical to achieving accurate calibration results.

5.3 Submerging the Sensor

With the bath at the desired calibration temperature, Submerge the Sensor into the calibration liquid. Ensure that the sensing element of the temperature-sensitive instrument is fully immersed in the liquid to obtain accurate readings. The immersion depth should be adequate to cover the entire sensing area of the instrument.

5.4 Calibration Adjustment

Next, perform the Calibration Adjustment if necessary. Compare the temperature reading displayed on the temperature-sensitive instrument with the reference temperature known with high accuracy. If there are any discrepancies, make the required adjustments to the instrument to align it with the reference temperature.

For certain instruments, calibration adjustments can be made directly on the instrument itself. In other cases, adjustment is achieved by applying correction factors to the instrument's readings. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and calibration procedures for the specific instrument being calibrated.

5.5 Recording the Results

As the calibration process nears completion, Record the Results for documentation. Take note of the instrument's initial reading, the reference temperature, any calibration adjustments made, and the final reading after adjustments. Maintain a record of each calibration, including the date, time, and any relevant notes. This documentation is crucial for quality control, compliance, and future reference.


6: Applications of Liquid Calibration Baths

Liquid Calibration Baths find wide-ranging applications in various industries and research fields where precise temperature measurements are crucial. 

6.1 Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

In the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry, accuracy and reliability are of paramount importance. Liquid Calibration Baths play a critical role in calibrating temperature-sensitive instruments used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and quality control processes. Calibration ensures the accuracy of temperature-controlled environments, such as cleanrooms and incubators, where precise temperature control is vital for producing safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Additionally, Liquid Calibration Baths are indispensable in healthcare settings, where temperature-sensitive medical devices and laboratory equipment must provide accurate readings for diagnoses, treatment, and research purposes.

6.2 Food and Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage Industry rely heavily on precise temperature measurements during various stages of production and storage. Liquid Calibration Baths are essential for calibrating temperature-sensitive instruments used in food processing, ensuring that temperature control is optimal for food safety and quality.

From monitoring food storage temperatures to calibrating thermocouples in ovens and refrigerators, Liquid Calibration Baths play a vital role in ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and maintaining product integrity.

6.3 Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industry demands the highest level of accuracy in its temperature-sensitive instruments, especially in extreme conditions. Liquid Calibration Baths are instrumental in calibrating temperature sensors and thermal imaging devices used in aerospace applications.

From calibration of avionics equipment to testing thermal management systems in military vehicles, Liquid Calibration Baths ensure that critical instruments perform with precision and reliability even in harsh environments.

6.4 Research and Development

In Research and Development laboratories, accurate temperature measurements are essential for conducting experiments and obtaining reliable data. Liquid Calibration Baths play a crucial role in calibrating temperature-sensitive instruments like thermal cyclers, spectrophotometers, and chromatographs.

Researchers depend on calibrated instruments to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of their experiments, ultimately contributing to advancements in various scientific disciplines.

6.5 Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry relies on Liquid Calibration Baths to calibrate temperature-sensitive instruments used in various components and systems. These baths ensure precise measurements in automotive testing, such as engine testing, climate control system evaluation, and temperature-sensitive electronic components.

Calibrated instruments in the automotive industry help optimize vehicle performance, improve fuel efficiency, and ensure compliance with emission standards.


In the End

Ultimately, liquid calibration baths became an indispensable tool in every industry and research field, serving as the cornerstone for accurate temperature measurement and instrument calibration. Their high precision, stability and versatility make them essential for ensuring product quality, compliance with industry standards and reliable scientific research.

By understanding the factors to consider when selecting a liquid calibration bath, organizations and laboratories can make an informed decision and choose the bath that best suits their specific calibration needs. Whether it is a standard liquid calibration bath or a custom solution, reputable manufacturers such as Dearto offer a wide range of options to meet different calibration requirements.

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