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Our high quality representative products include thermocouple/RTD calibration system, automatic temperature and humidity Calibration system,temperature humidity calibration chamber,intelligent precision multifunction detector, wireless multichannel data acquisition/logger, portable intelligent dry block calibrator furnace, surface sensor calibrator system, intelligent liquid calibration bath,and other products.
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Dearto products have been widely used in measurement institutes, third-party calibration institutions, military enterprises, defense forces, electricity and power, oil, metallurgy, chemical, locomotive machinery, pharmaceutical, instruments and other industries.The company has excellent product quality, professional technical services highly recognized by the market.Based on the Chinese market at the same time, Dearto instruments have been exported to Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Israel, Vietnam, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Kazakhstan and other countries.Dearto professional knowledge and successful business cases in the field of temperature measurement effectively guarantee our ability to provide high quality service to our customers.We will continue to adhere to the core concept of "Dearto instrument, quality model", unswervingly help the development of the temperature measurement industry, and create greater value for China's "Quality Manufacturing".
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