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Dew Point Meter
High Precision Humidity Measurement Standard
Chilled mirror precision dew point meter humidity measurement standard. It has the characteristics of high precision, no drift, long life and good repeatability. It is suitable for temperature and humidity verification boxes, temperature and humidity environment tests, etc. of metrology institutes, measurement units, and scientific research institutes.
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Product Profile
The working principle of the chilled mirror precision dew point meter is based on the physical definition of dew point, and it is a recognized standard device for humidity measurement. The product has an intuitive touch screen display for easy operation. At the same time, the mirror surface is gold-plated, and the photoelectric measurement chamber is made of materials with excellent corrosion resistance to ensure accurate measurement data and adapt to harsh working conditions

Dew Point Meter: Guide

Under the condition of equal pressure, the water vapor in the gas is cooled until the condensed phase appears. By controlling the temperature of the dew layer of the dew layer sensor, the water vapor and the flat surface of the water are in a state of thermodynamic phase equilibrium, and the temperature of the dew layer is accurately measured, that is, The dew point temperature of the dew layer. An instrument that measures the dew point temperature of water vapor in a gas is called a dew point meter.
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Optidew 401 Chilled Mirror Precision Dew Point Meter is powerful, it is a high precision optical dew point measuring instrument. Based on the principle of optical dew point measurement, its performance is stable. Provide the range of -60~90℃ dew point. It can be widely used in industrial and laboratory application requirements. Trial for accurate and continuous measurement of dew point, temperature and humidity or other humidity-related parameter measurement required in the process.
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