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Multichannel Data Acquisition System
Multifunctional Precision Temperature Humidity Field Calibration Equipment
Dearto Multichannel data acquisition is suitable for testing the temperature field, humidity field, uniformity and volatility of various temperature humidity environment experimental equipment, industrial furnaces and calibration furnace. Support the input of TC, RTD, humidity sensor and other modules, and can display the power value and temperature value of each channel under test at the same time
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Product Profile
Multi-channel data acquisition instrument series can be divided into: Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition, Temperature Humidity Acquisition, Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition System, etc. This series of products have high-precision sampling channels, and the products can be connected to PC or mobile terminals through wired or wireless methods. It is mainly used in the detection/calibration of temperature and humidity parameters of environmental test equipment such as annealing furnaces, high and low temperature test chambers, and high-pressure sterilization cabinets.

Multichannel Data Acquisition Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTZ-300BWG DTZ-300BXG
Thermocouple channel 24 12
RTD channel 24 12
Humidity channel 24 5
Data transfer method Wireless transmission USB export
Sampling rate (S) 0.2 seconds / 24 channels 0.2 seconds / channels
Sampling mode 24 simultaneous samples Patrol inspection model
Temperature Resolution (°C) 0.001 0.001
Humidity Resolution (%RH) 0.01 0.01
Dimensions (mm) 250×170×70 178×148×77
Product numbe DTWX-01G DTWX-02G DTZ-500G
channels 80 (expandable to 250) 80 (expandable to 250) 16
Temperature range (°C) -40~65 -80~300 10~1300
Humidity range (%RH) 10~100 10~100 /
Temperature accuracy (°C) ±0.1 / 0.15(@5℃ /20℃ /50℃) ±0.2(@5℃ /20℃ /50℃) ±0.4
Humidity accuracy (%RH) ±1.5 ±2.0 /
Transmission distance (m) ≥100 (no occlusion) ≥1500 (no occlusion) /
Sampling period (s)) 1~1200 (adjustable) 1~1200 (adjustable) 1~60 (adjustable)
Product numbe DTRC-1G DTRC-2G DTRC-3G DTPro-
Product type Real-time temperature
Real-time temperature humidity verifier Customized
real-time verifier
Temperature Verifier Temperature Humidity
Pressure verifier
Temperature range (°C) -80~150 -40~85 -199~400 -50~150 -40~125 -40~140
Measurement range (%RH) / 0~99 0~99 / 0~99 0~100psi
Accuracy (°C) 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Recording frequency (H) 1~9999 1~18




Multichannel Temperature Humidity Acquisition/Data Logger: Guide

The Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition/Data Logger is a multi-functional inspection unit that can be freely configured. It is divided into two types: 16 channels or 24 channels, and can also be customized on demand. Each channel of the temperature humidity acquisition can be configured independently. Supports four input modes: thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer, temperature and humidity sensor and analog. When configured as a humidity sensor mode, it can simultaneously provide up to 24 channels of 5V power output to power the sensor. The wireless temperature humidity data logger can be connected to the PC or mobile terminal through wired or wireless methods, and is suitable for testing the temperature field, humidity field, uniformity, and volatility of various temperature and humidity environmental experimental equipment such as industrial furnaces and calibration furnaces.
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