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Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition System
Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition System
Wireless Temperature Humidity Acquisition System
Product Features
Using visual data processing, simple, convenient and fast
High precision sensor, high precision, a wide range
Long life, can work more than 100 hours
The number of channels, supports 80 channels online at the same time, up to 250
Small size, lightweight, easy to carry
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DTWX-01G Wireless Temperature Humidity Intelligent Inspection System is one of our high-end products" temperature humidity intelligent inspection system "series of products, is aimed at the low temperature section temperature and humidity measurement record scene which is not easy to use wired equipment, can be used in large storage grain depot, tobacco warehouse, cold storage, ammunition depot, equipment room and other large areas with restrictions on temperature and humidity conditions.
DTWX-01G Wireless Inspection System has the characteristics of high precision, small volume, light weight, a large number of channels, data visualization, perfect rules support, powerful function, convenient to carry, simple use, very suitable for all kinds of low temperature section equipment, places, is an ideal choice for temperature and humidity measurement and recording work.


1. Using wireless data transmission technology, the distance is no longer limited by the traverse point;
2. Using visual data processing, simple, convenient and fast;
3. High precision sensor, high precision, wide range;
4. Long life, can work more than 100 hours;
5. Small size, lightweight, easy to carry;
6. The master station server is powerful, without the computer (upper computer) can also be used;
7. Data, information freely exported, can be exported to any format of the Excel file;
8. Multi-procedure support, applicable to different types of equipment temperature field testing;
9. The number of channels, supports 80 channels online at the same time, up to 250;

Server (Master) Function

1. Data storage function
Data can be automatically saved to the local U disk for data processing after the data record is completed.
2. Real-time display of data
The server (master station) has a user interface, after starting the data record, the data of each working channel can be displayed in real-time.
3. Channel work setup function;
It can freely select the channel for data recording, intelligently distinguish the channel that can not work normally, and delete the channel from the working channel of the terminal server(master station), effectively avoiding the influence on the efficiency of data acquisition and ensuring the synchronization of data acquisition.
4. Data recording terminal can be automatically online;
Server (master station) and temperature and humidity data recording terminal boot automatic connection, no complex settings.

Temperature humidity data recording terminal(Sub-station) Function

1. Temperature humidity data real-time display function;
2. Electricity display function;
3. Number display function;
4. Data correction function;
5. Can be separated from the main station, used alone
6. Data correction is supported to improve measurement accuracy.

System Software Function

1. Terminal server(master station) data import function;
The data recorded by the terminal server(master station) without software can be imported into the software and processed.
2. Data Curve Display Function
3. Data processing function
Visual data processing, through the data curve, can quickly select the best test data. The selected data is automatically calculated and processed and saved as an internal data record.
4. Support multiple protocols;
The software supports the data processing of the JJF1101-2019 Environmental Test Equipment Temperature and Humidity Calibration Specification and the JJF1564-2016 Temperature and Humidity Standard Box Calibration Specification.
5. Real-time data transmission function
The software can establish a connection with the terminal server to realize real-time data upload and processing.
6. Historical Data Save, Manage, View
The software automatically saves the data imported from the terminal server(master station) and the data uploaded in real-time, saves the data processing result, and can open the view again, supporting the name retrieval.
7. Information management function
Software support sensor, sample, client, testing party and other information management, for the software, that does not have information can be automatically added. All information can be exported to the Excel file.
8. Real-time display function
When online with the terminal server(master station), the software displays the real-time data of each channel.
9. Real-time calculation of fluctuation and uniformity
When online with the terminal server(master station), the software calculates the fluctuation and uniformity of the temperature field in real-time.
10. Marking function of the highest point and the lowest point
When online with the terminal server(master station), the software automatically marks the highest and lowest channels.
11. Data viewing function
In data processing, you can view the data.
12. Data correction function
The software supports temporary data correction.
13. Low Power Indicator Function
When the power of the data recording terminal is insufficient, the software prompts that the data recording terminal should be charged.
14. Multiple samples tested simultaneously
The terminal server(master station)can simultaneously online 80 data recording terminals, put the data recording terminals in different temperature fields, and realize the simultaneous testing of multiple samples by creating multiple test items on the software.

Technical Parameters

Model DTWX-01G
The terminal server(master station)
Size About 150mm(L)×106mm(W)×70mm(H)
Weight About 250g
Continuous voyage External power supply, USB power supply
Data storage Usb flash drive or memory card
Data format .csv
Screen 3.4-inch hd color touch screen
Connection mode With data recording terminal: wireless,
with upper computer: USB
Maximum number of channels 80(can be expanded to 250)
Operating environment Conventional environment
System Embedded real-time system with user interface
Wireless temperature and humidity data recording terminal
Sensor type High precision temperature and humidity integrated sensor High precision temperature sensor
Model W-RH2 W-RH3 W-PT1 W-PT2
Measuring span (-40~65)℃ (0~100)%RH

(The temperature range is customizable)

(The temperature range is customizable)
Accuracy(@5℃、20℃、50℃) ±0.1℃


±0.1℃ ±0.15℃
Display resolution 0.01℃ 0.01%RH 0.01℃
Size 46mm(L)×31mm(W)×106mm(H)
Weight About 120g(Battery included)
Connection type Wireless connections
Transmission distance ≥100m(uncovered)
Sample interval 1s~1200s(adjustable)
Protection grade IP65(Dustproof and splash proof)
Screen 1.1-inch display
Continuous voyage Built-in high-density battery, continuous operation ≥100 hours
Charging time ≤ 3 hours (charging time of different chargers is different)
Operating environment (-40~85)℃
Systems software
Applicable platform Windows(32 bits and 64 bits):Win7,Win8(8.1),Win10
Service Software upgrading



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