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Fully Automatic Thermo-Hygrometer Calibration System
Unattended - fully automatic completion of the entire calibration process。
Automatic positioning ; Automatic photo
Automatic collection   ; Automatic identification
Automatic calculation ; Automatic judgment
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Popular Products
We produce products from samples to large batches.
Surface Sensor Calibrator
Wide measuring range: 35℃~400℃/50℃~500℃/50℃~600℃
Large calibration plane: 130mm
Segmented temperature PID control
Curves are displayed in real time
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Field Temperature Calibrator
Intelligent high temperature fast drop;
Curves are displayed in real time;
Multi-point calibration;
Press-type sealing structure.
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Precision Temperature Measurement
mK grade precision thermometer;
Accuracy (at 0℃ for SPRT) of 7ppm;
Smart sensor function;
Standard device management function;
Support 100 sets of sensor parameters;
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Portable Humidity Generator
Portable Humidity Generator: Guide
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About Dearto
Dearto Instrument – Give a package of professional temperature and humidity calibration solutions to you.
Dearto Automation Instrument Co.,Ltd. is located in Tai\'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Dearto focuses on the research and development of temperature humidity measurement calibration technology, adheres to independent innovation, aims to create an industry model for measuring and calibrating instruments. Dearto\'s honors include: "National High-tech Enterprise","National Technological Enterprise". We are the members of Chinese Society For Measurement and Shandong metrological testing society. We have a R&D team with professional knowledge and rich experience in temperature humidity calibration.
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We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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