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Taiandetu thermal calculator

Feb 01.2024

     With the continuous development of science and technology, calculation software has become an indispensable tool in all walks of life. In the measurement work, the accuracy of various parameter calculation affects the judgment of the result. Therefore, the calculator software should have the ability to calculate various parameters, and should be constantly updated with the development of technology. Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of users, Taiandetu thermal calculator software has been fully upgraded after painstaking research and rigorous testing.

     Taiandetu thermal calculator has the international commonly used thermodynamic unit conversion, thermal industry common types of industrial thermocouples, standard thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, standard thermal resistance, thermistor sensor temperature and electrical signal bidirectional calculation, sensor coefficient derivation, and storage sensor parameters configuration management functions, but also includes transmitter calculation and comprehensive humidity calculation functions. At the same time, support for heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity, heat transfer rate, power unit, pressure unit, length unit, area unit, speed unit, mechanical unit, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, diffusion coefficient, surface tension, energy unit module, input any unit value, you can convert other units

Thermal calculator PChttp://tool.dt1718.com/pc_1.html 

Thermal calculator mobilehttp://tool.dt1718.com

Download address:https://www.dearto.com/uploads/202402/Thermal computer_1706775758_WNo_d.zip


Software features
1. Windows7 and above operating systems can run directly without installation.
2. The software supports the configuration file function. After the software is run, the configuration file is generated in the software running directory.
3, Chinese and English bilingual version: the interface displays the language version of the Chinese-English text recognition operating system, the simplified Chinese operating system displays the simplified Chinese operating system, the English operating system and other language operating system displays the English interface.
Product features
1. Temperature unit: Support unit conversion between degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, LAN degree, and Leuco degree.
2, industrial thermocouple S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T, D, C thermocouple temperature and potential two-way conversion.
3, industrial Pt, Cu, Ni thermal resistance temperature and resistance value two-way conversion. Industrial Pt, Cu thermal resistance derivation formula coefficient, inverse calculation of temperature and resistance according to coefficient.
4, S-type standard thermocouple temperature and potential value two-way conversion, whole temperature point potential value and abc coefficient calculation.
5, S type standard thermocouple derivation formula coefficient.
6, standard thermocouple configuration management.
7, according to different temperature ranges, synchronous corresponding coefficient, according to the coefficient of the standard thermal resistance temperature and resistance value bidirectional conversion.
8, according to different temperature ranges, synchronize the corresponding temperature measurement point, set the resistance value of the temperature point, and calculate the coefficient.
9, standard thermal resistance configuration management.
10, thermistor according to the β coefficient and Steinhart-Hart formula temperature, resistance bidirectional conversion.
11. According to the resistance values at different temperature points, the β coefficient and Steinhart-Hart formula coefficients were derived.
12, thermistor β coefficient and Steinhart-Hart coefficient configuration management.
13, humidity conversion: according to the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure and relative humidity or dew point, frost point or wet bulb temperature to calculate various units of humidity.
14, linear equation calculation of the transmitter: set the range of the electrical signal and the conversion range, and carry out the two-way conversion of the input value and the output electrical signal value.
15, support heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity, heat transfer rate, power unit, pressure unit, length unit, area unit, speed unit, mechanical unit, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, diffusion coefficient, surface tension, energy unit module, input any unit value, you can convert other units.
16. The sensor configuration file is generated by default.

Reference procedure
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Verification Regulation of JJG 684-2003 Surface Platinum Thermal Resistance
JJG160-2007 Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer
"JJG229-1998 Industrial platinum Copper resistance verification Regulations"
GBT 35226-2017 Specification for Surface Meteorological Observation Air Temperature and Humidity
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"JJG 141-2013 Precious Metal thermocouples for Work"
"JJG 75-1995 Standard platinum Rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple verification Regulations"
"JJG 229-2010 Industrial platinum, Copper thermal resistance verification Regulations"


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