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Tai'an Dearto 2023 annual summary meeting

Feb 23.2024
The Jade Rabbit resigns the old year, the auspicious dragon welcomes the new spring, when the year of the dragon comes, Tai'an Dearto 2023 annual summary meeting was officially kicked off. 2023 is a key year for the development of Dearto, in the increasingly competitive market environment, the company has always adhered to the customer-centered, and constantly improve the quality of products and services. Through market research and customer demand analysis, we launched a series of innovative products, which were recognized and praised by our customers. Meanwhile, we strengthen our internal management, optimize the production process, and improve the production efficiency and product quality. These efforts have enabled the company to maintain good competitiveness in the industry and achieve considerable market share growth.
       In the past year all of us exerted our professional ability and teamwork spirit to contribute to the development of the company. The R&D team has made breakthroughs in continuous innovation, providing strong support for the company's product quality and competitiveness. The production team focuses on the production situation and the improvement of production efficiency. Through the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, production efficiency and product quality are effectively controlled. The quality inspection team strictly enforces the quality standards to ensure the qualification rate and stability of the products. The after-sales team actively responds to customer needs and feedbacks, effectively improving customer satisfaction. The marketing team actively publicizes the company's products and services to enhance brand influence. The sales team realizes steady growth in sales through active expansion, making important contributions to the development of the company. The International Division actively expanded overseas markets, effectively enhancing the company's overseas influence.
      In the work of 2023, Dearto emerged many excellent leaders, who strictly disciplined themselves, shone in their positions and led the power of role models. For their efforts, the company also gives full recognition and support, after layers of screening and evaluation, were awarded "Excellent Team", "Outstanding Employee Award", "Skill Progress Award", "Dedication Award", "Award for Professionalism", "Award for the Best Employee", "Award for the Best Employee" and "Award for the Best Employee". "Dedication Award" "Service Star Award" and other awards. In order to thank the staff for their hard work, Tai'an Dettol adheres to the tradition of preparing a wide variety of Spring Festival benefits for the staff. The rich gifts contain the company's warmth, and each gift is carefully selected to deliver the best and warmest love and blessings to each employee.
      At the end of the meeting, Ms. Wang sent out a new year's message and blessings for everyone: In 2023, under the weak market situation, all the staff rose up to the challenge and made relative progress, the R&D team did a number of technical reserves for the transformation of Dearto's products to solidify the foundation; the sales team expanded the customer base, the QC team refined the quality management, and the production team stood hard and worked hard to protect the product reserves, thanks to the Dearto family's hard work for a year. In 2024, we hope that the staff of Dearto will keep their feet on the ground, grasp today's action, sketch tomorrow's struggle, and promote Dettu's refinement, specialization, and digital management.
     Non-solid foundation can't cast a building a thousand feet, non-tough body can't wrestle the ocean waves, 2024 waiting for us to navigate. "The long wind will sometimes break the waves, hanging straight from the cloud sails to help the sea", let all of our staff close unity, concerted cooperation, under the helm of Ms. Wang, together with the voyage!
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