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Temperature Humidity Calibration Chamber
High-Performance, Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Standard Calibration Device
The Dearto intelligent temperature humidity calibration chamber can cover the humidity range of 5%RH~95%RH, with advanced technology and high temperature control accuracy. It is a digital temperature humidity meter, mechanical temperature humidity meter, temperature humidity sensor, temperature humidity recorder, Professional testing instruments for temperature humidity equipment such as humidity storage.
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Product Profile
DTLH series intelligent temperature humidity calibration chamber is mainly used to complete the calibration and testing of temperature humidity instruments. The product has a wide temperature humidity range, fast heating and cooling speed, good temperature humidity fluctuation and uniformity indicators, and reliable and stable performance. Support innovative technologies such as intelligent programming, mobile APP remote control, and data recording functions, making temperature humidity calibration more efficient and easier.

Temperature Humidity Calibration Chamber: guide

The temperature and humidity calibration chamber is called the temperature calibration chamber for short. Of course, there is another name in the market called the temperature and humidity standard chamber. Generally, the Regular-sized temperature and humidity calibration chamber price is about $17,600 for a high-end domestic brand, and the Enlarged temperature and humidity calibration chamber price is about $26,500; the price of an imported temperature and humidity calibration chamber is quite different, and the price is about $43,800. Of course, such a big disparity is not all because of the expensive equipment itself. The reason why the price of imported equipment is so much higher is that in the early years, there were fewer manufacturers of temperature and humidity calibration chamber among Chinese brands, and the temperature and humidity calibration chamber met the requirements. The standard is relatively high, until now there are only a few domestic manufacturers producing temperature and humidity calibration chambers, and of course there are very few that can do well.
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In fact, the temperature and humidity calibration chamber price factor is not the key point. The main thing is to first determine your own budget. If the requirements for equipment are high, then the budget should not be too low. After all, no one will do business at a loss; To realize the reduction of manufacturing cost, the manufacturing cost of equipment is not only the cost of materials, but also the technical cost of the manufacturer and the reasonable profit of the manufacturer. Technical cost is actually more valuable than material cost. After all, the manufacture of temperature and humidity calibration chambers is not only represented by assembly, but more importantly, the equipment can run with high performance and stability during use, and it must be able to withstand time. Test, so this requires the manufacturer to have enough exquisite research and development technology, and do a good job in quality control of the temperature and humiditycalibration chamber.
Pursue the temperature and humidity calibration chamber lowest price, it is better to pursue the most cost-effective one. The editor has actually emphasized many times that the price factor is actually only a reference to meet the basic requirements, and cannot represent the actual quality and value of the equipment. So what kind of temperature and humidity calibration chamber can be called cost-effective? First of all, what you expect to gain should not be too different from the purchase cost you paid. For example, if you spend $30,000 to buy a device, the failure rate is significantly higher than that of the same priced device, and the service life is not guaranteed, then this kind of cost-effective. The so-called high cost performance does not mean that you can buy the best equipment at the lowest price, but that the equipment you spend on the same price has the best performance at the same price. Take a $15,000 equipment to compare with a $30,000 equipment. Of course it is not objective, but comparing one hundred thousand and one hundred thousand can easily tell which one is more cost-effective.
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