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Oversized Temperature and Humidity Verification/Calibration Chamber
Oversized Temperature and Humidity Verification/Calibration Chamber
Oversized Temperature and Humidity Verification/Calibration Chamber
Oversized Temperature and Humidity Verification/Calibration Chamber
Oversized Temperature and Humidity Verification/Calibration Chamber
Product Features
Advanced technical principles
Product intelligence
Excellent quality
Upgraded to Automatic Verification System
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DTLH-Series Oversized temperature and humidity verification/calibration chamber is a special verification equipment for detecting hair temperature and humidity meter, dry and wet bulb thermometer, digital temperature and humidity meter and other kinds of temperature and humidity sensors. The equipment can automatically adjust the humidity in the temperature and humidity verification box by accurate measurement of temperature and humidity sensor and industrial programmable controller control. High control and testing accuracy, can provide continuous, repetitive humidity measurement, suitable for scientific research and product testing.

Enforcement of verification regulations

Specification for Calibration of JJF 1076-2020 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
Verification Regulation for JJG 205-2005 Mechanical Temperature and Humidity Meter
Calibration Specification for JJF1564-2016 Temperature and Humidity Standard Chamber

Main features of the equipment


Advanced technical principles

  • Humidity control adopts the principle of moisture occurrence by shunt method, which greatly shortens the time required for stability and improves the verification efficiency compared with the principle of humidity occurrence by the double temperature method.
  • Temperature control using liquid bath constant temperature plate heating technology, liquid medium heat radiation, temperature more constant, temperature field more uniform.
  • The unique air circulation design in the measuring chamber ensures no dead angle airflow and adopts frequency conversion technology to speed the fan to ensure that the internal temperature field is uniform at low speed.

Product intelligence

  • Fusion of measurement technology and Internet of things technology to wifi remote control to make measurement easier
  • HD touchscreen control, multi-touch, greatly improve user experience,
  • One-click start, automatic control, shorten the training period for metering personnel
  • Timing switch machine, remote switch machine, save time, improve verification efficiency
Excellent quality
  • The shell adopts thick plate phosphating, passivation, spray molding, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, salt spray resistance;
  • SUS304 for internal bile
  • High precision sensor, temperature and humidity control with imported high precision platinum resistance Rotronic humidity sensor

Upgraded to Automatic Verification System

  • With an intelligent image acquisition system, dew point meter and industrial control computer, it can be upgraded to an intelligent temperature and humidity meter automatic verification system to realize the automation of the verification process, the automatic preservation of records and the automatic generation of reports. The metering personnel is liberated from the reading recording of the temperature and humidity meter, which greatly improves the verification efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Product Function

1. HD touch screen: high-resolution capacitive screen, clear display, multi-touch support, in line with customer touch operation habits
2. Wifi control: remote setting of temperature and humidity, starting and stopping equipment, reading current temperature and humidity values and fluctuation status of mobile phone/pad
3. Status Tip: Real-time calculation and display of temperature and humidity fluctuation, stable state prompt, U disk insertion detection, wifi connection prompt
4. Curve display: temperature and humidity curve real-time display, support touch zoom translation operation, one-click screenshot save curve to U disk
5. Data record: temperature and humidity data automatically saved to xls format, one key exported to U disk
6. Timing boot: with the timing boot function, can achieve the equipment before work timing boot, immediately after work, with no need to wait.
7. Multi-point calibration: support temperature and humidity sensor multi-point calibration, temperature sensor indication can be segmented multi-point correction to ensure consistency with the standard device.
8. Segmental control: temperature and humidity are controlled by piecewise PID, fast and stable," zero "overshoot, fast and stable humidity from 40 RH to 60 RH only 15 minutes
9. Fan speed regulation: inner cavity main circulation fan, using frequency conversion speed regulation control, through the touch screen, set fan speed;
10. Multiple protection alarms: constant temperature tank overheating protection, liquid level alarm; rehydration tank water shortage warning; compressor overheating alarm, start and stop protection function
11. Communication expansion: with a network interface, wifi interface, USB interface, RS-232 interface, can communicate with the PC, to achieve data reading, system settings.

Technical Parameters


Product numbe DTLH-2RH-5G DTLH-2RH-8G DTLH-2RH-15G DTLH-15BG DTLH-28BG DTLH-215BG
Temperature range (°C) -5~65℃ -8~65℃ -15~65℃ -5~65℃ -8~65℃ -15~65℃
Humidity range (%RH) 5%RH~95%RH(@20℃) 10%RH~95%RH(@20℃)
Temperature fluctuation (°C) ±0.1 (@15℃ / 20℃ / 30℃)
Temperature Uniformity (℃) ≤0.3 (@15℃ / 20℃ / 30℃)
Humidity fluctuation (%RH) ±0.8 (@20℃)
Humidity Uniformity (%RH) ≤1.0 (@20℃)
Work area size (mm) 820×800×510
Dimensions (mm) 1700×1000×1300
Weight 450 Kg
Control sensors Precision platinum resistance temperature sensor, Potronic temperature and humidity sensor
Display 7-inch HD Touch
Temperature control mode Heating technology of constant temperature plate in liquid bath
Wet control mode Humidity in shunt
Observation window/operation hole 3 viewing windows ,2 operating holes
Chamber Composition Shell Acid pickling spray
Internal bile SUS304 drawing
Seal Medical grade silicone
Glass 3C certification 5 layers of vacuum high permeability tempered glass
Alarm alert Volatility real-time display, stable state indication, lack of indication, low level indication, medium overheating protection, compressor overheating protection
Power AC220V±5%50 Hz Peak power 5 KW Typical power 3 KW

Etalon selection table

Name of product Model No. Temp range Resolution Accuracy
Accurate dew-point instrument Optidew401 -40~90℃ 0.01℃ Temp:±0.1℃; Dew-point: ±0.15℃
Dewstar R-1 -40~60℃ 0.01℃ ±0.15℃
Precision digital thermometer DTSW-LcG -30~120℃ 0.001℃ ±0.05℃
Domestic dew point apparatus DT-ACG -40~+90℃ 0.01℃ ±0.08℃

Patent & Writecopy

Patent & Writecopy



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