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Wireless Intelligent Multi Channel Thermometer
Wireless Intelligent Multi Channel Thermometer
Wireless Intelligent Multi Channel Thermometer
Wireless Intelligent Multi Channel Thermometer
Wireless Intelligent Multi Channel Thermometer
Product Features
Outstanding noise reduction design.
Built-in reference level standard resistance, temperature coefficient as low as 0.1ppm/℃.
High-precision thermocouple cold junction.
It can provide encryption algorithm support, encrypt data files Wireless LAN.
Built-in 8G large-capacity memory.
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DTMC-series wireless intelligent multi channel thermometer is a multi-channel and multi-function thermometer based on a modular design. The whole series is divided into five configurations: single-channel, two-channel, four-channel,six-channel and eight-channel. Platinum resistance measurement module, thermocouple measurement module or thermistor measurement module can be selected respectively, which have many advantages such as high precision, wide sensor coverage and rich functions.
The product can be connected to the PC terminal or mobile terminal by wired or wireless way, suitable for thermostatic bath temperature field tests, thermocouple furnace temperature field tests, dry block furnace temperature field tests, and can be widely used in measurement calibration, scientific experiments and other precision temperature measurement related fields.



  • Support standard platinum resistance(SPRT), industrial platinum resistance(PRT), thermocouple(TC) and thermistor(NTC) and other temperature sensors
  • Support for the editing and configuration of the platinum resistance and thermistor sensor parameters
  • The thermocouple channel provides an independent built-in cold-end temperature sensor with a temperature measurement accuracy better than 0.1℃
  • Thermocouple cooling end compensation provides fixed value, internal automatic compensation and external compensation
  • Each channel independent sampling, modular design, effectively improves the reliability and adaptability of the apparatus
  • Each channel can be calibrated and corrected by a single point, multipoint, piecewise linear or least squares independently
  • Provide historical data, statistical data, curve data and other data display forms
  • Support voltage, resistance, temperature and other data format storage and output
  • Provide encryption algorithm support, can encrypt the data files, effectively improve the security
  • Support RS232 and wireless communication mode, can connect to PC or mobile terminal
  • Provide 8G large-capacity storage space for data storage
  • Seven-inch industrial-grade color touch-screen display



1. Outstanding noise reduction design

Multi-stage anti-aliasing design is adopted, which greatly reduces the noise level of the input channel and greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement results, making the noise level better than 0.1uV.

2. Excellent long-term stability

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel temperature meter adopts the classical ratio measurement principle, built-in reference level standard resistance, temperature coefficient as low as 0.1ppm/℃, the stability level is better than the general 7-bit semi-digital multimeter.

3. High precision thermocouple cold junction

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel temperature meter uses an independent high-precision digital temperature sensor as the cold end compensation sensor. The distance between the cold end temperature measuring point and the thermocouple connection point is less than 20mm. At the same time, combined with good temperature design, the thermocouple measurement channel can provide reference end compensation with accuracy better than 0.15℃.

4. Perfect parameter editing

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel temperature meter built-in a variety of common thermal resistance, 13 kinds of thermocouple and thermistor calculation formula, convenient connection of various types of temperature sensors.
Users can edit platinum resistance coefficient according to ITS90 and CVD formula, support standard platinum resistance, ordinary platinum resistance. Regular platinum resistors support editing R0, alpha, beta, and delta parameters.
Users can edit thermistor coefficients according to Steinhart-Hart equation.

5. Statistical data analysis

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometer each channel has independent curve display and data analysis functions, users can view the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation and other statistical data of measurement data in real time. After the measurement starts, the measurement data is automatically saved to a file, and users can browse and analyze the historical data at any time.

6. Data encryption

It can provide encryption algorithm support, encrypt data files, and meet the special requirements for data security in special industries such as national defense and military industries.

7. Wireless LAN

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometer can be connected to tablet or laptop computer through 2.4g wireless network, remote sharing of measurement data, effectively improve work efficiency.

8. Large capacity storage

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometer has built-in 8G large capacity memory, and also supports usb disk storage function, which can easily import data into USB disk. The exported data can be browsed or processed by general tools such as Excel, or imported into special software for data analysis and report generation.

9. Rich and friendly human-computer interaction functions

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometer adopts 7 inch touch screen design, providing rich and friendly human-computer interaction interface, operation interface content covers: Channel setting, sensor setting, statistical data display, curve display, unit switch, channel correction, channel calibration, file operation, system setting, etc., without the help of any other peripherals can independently complete the data collection work of the test site.

10. Reliable structural design

DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometers adopt a robust integrated design, in addition to the necessary USB interface and network interface, the overall structure is effectively sealed, can work in high humidity environment for a long time.

Technical Parameters


Channel configuration

Channel number   2 4 6 8
Channel optional function Thermocouple
Thermal resistance

Channel technical indicators

Channel type Range Measuring range Resolution ratio 24 Hours / ℃
1 Year / ℃
Temperature coefficient
ppm indication
Thermocouple 100mV -20mV~100mV 0.1uV 5ppm+5ppm 10ppm+15ppm 3ppm
Platinum resistance 100Ω 0Ω~125Ω 0.1mΩ 2ppm+2ppm 4ppm+10ppm 1ppm
Platinum resistance 400Ω 0Ω~400Ω 0.1mΩ 2ppm+2ppm 4ppm+10ppm 1ppm
Platinum resistance 4KΩ 0Ω~4KΩ 1mΩ 2ppm+2ppm 4ppm+10ppm 1ppm
Thermal resistor 10KΩ 0Ω~10KΩ 10mΩ 15ppm+1ppm 50ppm+3ppm 5ppm
Thermal resistor 100KΩ 0Ω~100KΩ 100mΩ 15ppm+1.5ppm 50ppm+5ppm 5ppm


[1] Accuracy index: ± (ppm reading + ppm range);
[2] Temperature coefficient index: increase the ppm reading per degree beyond (15 to 25) ℃.

Temperature technical indicators

Type Measuring range Accuracy Resolution ratio Sampling rate Data type
Thermocouple K -200℃~1372℃ 0.15℃ 0.01℃perhaps
magnitude of voltage
temperature scale
J -210℃~1200℃ 0.1℃
T -200℃~400℃ 0.1℃
E -200℃~1000℃ 0.07℃
N -270℃~1300℃ 0.15℃
B 250℃~1820℃ At 0.3℃ at 1,000℃
R -50℃~1768℃ At 0.2℃ at 1,000℃
S -50℃~1768℃ At 0.25℃ at 1,000℃
Platinum resistance PT25 -189℃~961℃ 0.003℃ at 0℃ 0.0001℃ Configuration
resistance value
temperature scale
PT100 -200℃~950℃ -1002℃. 100℃ 0.001℃
0.003℃ at 0℃
Time of 0.006℃ at 300℃
Time-wide value of 0.012℃ at 600℃
Thermistor R25
-50℃~150℃ -0.003℃ at 50℃ 0.0001℃ Configuration
resistance value
temperature scale
0.001℃ at 0℃
Time-wide value of 0.005℃ at 100℃
At 0.015℃ at 150℃
[1] The above technical indicators do not include the accuracy of the sensor itself.

General technical indicators

Power requirement 12VDC 2A
Communication interface RS232 Wireless
Shell material Alufer +ABS
Module size 250mm×170mm×70mm
Module weight 2kg
Environment Use (5~35)℃,(0~85)%rh
Store (0~70)℃,(0~100)%rh



Tai’an Dearto Qualification & Honor Certificate
Tai’an Dearto Qualification & Honor Certificate




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