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Precision Calibration Baths
Precision Calibration Baths
Precision Calibration Baths
Product Features
It adopts double-chamber side-stirring working mode, and the uniformity of the temperature field is good.
Intelligent PID control, with good temperature field stability and uniformity.
Color display instrument with high resolution, resolution 0.001 degrees Celsius.
The imported compressor has stable and reliable performance, and the optimized refrigeration system cools down faster.
RS-232/RS-485 communication interface is optional, which can realize calculation control.
The humanized design is suitable and convenient to operate.
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Product Description


DTS-G Precision Calibration Baths is the ideal temperature constant temperature equipment for verifying and calibrating various low temperature thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, pressure thermometers, bimetal thermometers, glass liquid thermometers and other temperature sensors.
The tank of constant temperature tank body adopts the structure of lateral stirring in the design. The technical indicators of the temperature field in the working area meet the technical requirements of the temperature uniformity and temperature fluctuation of the constant temperature tank. At the same time, this series of liquid thermostatic oil tanks have simple operation and convenient use. Etc.(Special index products can be customized according to requirements)
Main features
 The temperature field uniformity is good by using double bath side stirring mode.
 Intelligent PID control, with excellent temperature field stability and uniformity.
 High resolution display instrument, resolution 0.001℃.
 Imported compressor, stable and reliable performance, optimized refrigeration system cooling speed faster.
 RS232/RS484 communication interface selection, can achieve computer control.
 Humanized design control is comfortable and convenient.
Technical Parameters

Product name Precision Calibration oil Bath Precision Calibration Water Bath
Model DTS-300G DTS-95G
Temperature range 70~300℃ RT+10~95℃
Working medium Silicone oil Soft water, antifreeze
Accuracy of sensor ±(0.15+0.002|t|)℃;Support deviation correction.
Radial uniformity 0.01℃ 0.01℃
Axial uniformity 0.01℃ 0.01℃
Temperature fluctuation :℃/10 min ±0.007℃ ±0.01℃
Work area dimensions φ150×480
Volume :(L) 23
Max power :(KW) 3
Dimensions :(mm) 660*540*1120
Quality :(Kg) 94 94

Product name Precision refrigerated Calibration baths
Model DTS-01G DTS- 10G DTS-40G DTS-60G DTS-80G DTS-100CHG
Temperature range 0~105℃ -10~105℃ -40~100℃ -60~100℃ -80~100℃ -100~95℃
Working medium Antifreeze anhydrous ethanol
Accuracy of sensor ±(0.15+0.002|t|)℃;Support deviation correction.
Radial uniformity ≤0.01℃
Axial uniformity ≤0.01℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.01℃/10 min
Work area dimensions φ130×480 mm
Volume 18 L
Maximum power 2KW 2.8KW 3KW 3KW
Dimensions 660(L)×540(W)×1120(H)mm 700x590x1120mm
Weight 95Kg 120Kg 150Kg


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