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DTMC-mk301G High precision thermometer
DTMC-mk301G High precision thermometer
DTMC-mk301G High precision thermometer
Product Features
mK grade precision thermometer
Resolution of 0.0001℃
Accuracy (at 0℃ for SPRT) of 7ppm
All solid state design, no bridge transformer and relay
Front panel quick connector design
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DTMC-mk301G High-precision thermometer is a new generation of multi-channel super thermometer specially developed for the field of temperature measurement calibration and precision temperature measurement. It highly integrates high-accuracy electrical measurement technology, intelligent interaction technology, and industry needs, and comprehensively solves the measurement and calibration needs of laboratory and field temperature sensors.

The DTMC-mk301G can measure RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, temperature transmitters, humidity sensors, DC current and DC resistance, and DC voltage signals. Support ITS-90 temperature scale and IEC60751 standard, built-in thermal conversion software, support sensor parameter management and intelligent sensor management function, in electric power, petrochemical, measurement, metallurgy, biology, pharmaceutical, scientific research work has a wide range of uses, it is ideal for temperature measurement calibration field.


  • mK grade precision thermometer
  • Resolution of 0.0001℃
  • Accuracy (at 0℃ for SPRT) of 7ppm
  • All solid state design
  • Front panel quick connector design / Rear panel terminal design
  • 3 input channels (CH 1 / CH2 / CH3)
  • Support double standard platinum, double standard thermocouple
  • Support resistance (Pt / Cu / Ni) (Pt 25 / Pt 100 / PT-X / Cu X / NiX)
  • Support for thermocouple (K / N / J / E / T / R / S / B / We3 / We5)
  • Support for thermistor (0-40K)
  • Support temperature transmitter (0-20 mA / 4-20 mA)
  • The RTD supports automatic current switching, eliminating the EMF thermal potential error
  • Thermocouple cooling point compensation is available in various ways (built-in compensation / external compensation / fixed compensation)
  • Support for multiple conversion formulas (ITS-90 / Callendar-Van Dusen / IEC60751-2008 / polynomial / Stein-Hart / B value / linearity)
  • Standard device management function, can support 100 sets of sensor parameters
  • The parameter editing function improves the measurement accuracy of the sensor
  • Smart sensor function
  • Built-in thermal treasure book calculator
  • Built-in ITS-90 fixed-point information
  • Automatic data statistics (maximum / minimum / mean / peak / standard deviation / volatility, etc.)
  • With 5 display modes, it can display probe information, measurement statistics or differences between measurements, temperature trends
  • Record with time-labeled data
  • 8G built-in storage space / external U disk to store data
  • Curves are displayed in real time
  • Support for SCPI communication protocol (RS232 / WLAN)
  • 7-inch HD touch screen
  • Overall size:270mm(L) x 260mm(W) x 142mm(H)

Technical indicators

Electrical measurement indicators

Type Indexing number Temperature range Accuracy
Standard platinum resistance(SPRT) PT25 -189℃~961℃ ±0.006℃(@0℃)
Thermal resistance(PRT) PT100 -189℃~961℃ ±0.003℃(@0℃)
Thermocouple(TC) K -270℃~1370℃ ±0.08℃(@600℃)
N -270℃~1300℃ ±0.08℃(@600℃)
J -210℃~1200℃ ±0.08℃(@600℃)
E -210℃~1000℃ ±0.08℃(@600℃)
T -270℃~400℃ ±0.05℃(@200℃)
R -50℃~1760℃ ±0.25℃(@1000℃)
S -50℃~1760℃ ±0.25℃(@1000℃)
B 250℃~1820℃ ±0.30℃(@1000℃)
Note: Sensor itself deviations are not included
Functional parameters
Parameter    Indexes
Number of channels 3 CH1 and CH2 front-facing,CH3 rear-facing
Input CH1 / CH2 TC / PRT
CH3 Electric current
Input connector PRT (front panel) Lemo EPG.1B.306.HLN 6-pin connector
PRT (rear panel) 4mm Low thermal terminal posts
TC Mini thermocouple connector(ASTM E 1684-05)
Drive current SPRT/PRT 1mA(±0.1%)(automatic reversing)
Cold junction compensation    Built-in cold junction compensation
CH1 and CH2 are cold-junction compensation for each other
Cold-junction compensation temperature can be entered
Cold junction compensation accuracy    ±0.1℃
Intelligent sensors SPRT/PRT Support
Number of sensors managed    100 pieces
Data storage capacity    8G
Convert formulas    ITS-90
Callendar-van Dusen
B value,
Support for sensors
Thermal resistance SPRT:PT25、PT100
Copper resistance CU50、CU100、CU-X
Nickel resistance NI50、NI120、NI1000
Thermocouple Standard thermocouples R、S、B
Industrial thermocouples K、N、J、E、T、R、S、B、We3 、We5
Display screen    7 inch color touch screen
Interface port USB Support (USB stick storage data /firmware upgrade)
Network port Support
RS-232 2 ports
Power supply    115V±10% and 230V±15%
Switchable 47~63HZ
Power    25W
Temperature and humidity conditions Storage environment requirements -10℃~50℃,Relative humidity less than 75%RH (non-condensing)
Operating environment requirements 15℃~30℃,Relative humidity less than 75%RH (non-condensing)
Calibration environment requirements 20℃±1℃,Relative humidity less than 40%RH (non-condensing)


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