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Multichannel Thermometer
8-Channel Precision Temperature Measurement
Dearto precision thermometer is a high-precision measuring instrument designed for the field of temperature measurement. It is suitable for temperature field tests such as calibration baths, thermocouple calibration furnaces, and dry body calibrators. It provides reliable, accurate, and high-precision temperature measurement for industrial sites.
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Product Profile
DTMC series intelligent multi-channel thermometer is a multi-channel and multi-functional thermometer with modular design, which supports 8-channel multi-channel measurement, and the channels support free combination configuration. Platinum resistance measurement module and thermocouple measurement module are optional. Or thermistor measurement module with high precision, wide sensor coverage and rich functions

Intelligent Multichannel Thermometer Product Selection Table

Product numbe DTMC-1G DTMC-2G DTMC-4G DTMC-6G DTMC-8G
Channels 1 2 4 6 8
Sampling rate(Hz) 1~10
Thermocouple channel -100~100mV()
RTD channel 0~4KΩ
Thermistor channel 0~100KΩ
Thermocouple type K / J / T / E / N / B / R / S
Platinum resistance type Pt25 / Pt100
Thermistor R25 10KΩ


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